Zudo provides Music for Film and TV. All of our Music is available to License for use in any Independent Film or Professional Studio Film Production.

Licensing Music for Film

Licensing Music for Film is complex and requires experience, money and contacts. That's why Zudo Music has made that process so much simpler and enjoyable. We've done all the hard work, signing contracts with musicians and organizing the library into easily searchable categories. Now Licensing Music for Film and TV is a breeze! Just find a song that fits your scene pick the level of license you need and your film has music!

Indie Film + Indie Music

The Perfect Combination

"Music conveys our deepest emotions, and film helps us tell our story. Together the create magical moments that can take our breath away. You've captured the perfect shot, and mastered the final cut. Now it's up to us to deliver the right music to bring it all together. You are a filmmaker, and every frame means the world to you. Access our global network of independent composers and musicians. At Zudo Music, every note means the world to us."

"...the Best place to find Music for Film Online!"

Film Score Music

Every great film needs a music score to match. At Zudo our team of elite composers have already crafted the perfect film score music for your project. Now it's just up to you to lock that edit and perfect your indie filmmaking masterpiece. Can't find what you the music needed for your film on our site? No problem! Just call one of our music supervisors at +1.844.I.AM.ZUDO or send us a message on our Contact Page and we can arrange for one of our composers to create custom film score music for your project.

Find Music for Film Now!

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