HOMETOWN |Surrey, BC, Canada
LABEL |Independent
INFLUENCES |Philip Glass
Nils Frahm

the Birds Companion

Whether it’s a distant galaxy, the top of a mountain, or a lonely path through a lush forest, the music of The Bird’s Companion is bound to take you somewhere. Composer and multi-instrumentalist Casey van Wensem crafts sonic landscapes that evoke distant places, forgotten memories, and lost emotions. His first EP, “After the Fire” (2015), earned him comparisons to contemporaries like Nils Frahm, HelkAa, and Lowercase Noises. He followed up this release in with “Still Life” (2016), a four track EP of delicate and intimate piano pieces. In addition to recording his own music, van Wensem has also composed custom music for clients in the business and creative sectors, and works as a music editor and sound engineer for TV and film productions.

"Just beautiful piano/post-rock music. Puts a smile on my face every time I listen to it. This music gives me the feeling of walking through nature on a sunny day and actually realizing how beautiful life is." – Post-Rock Essentials

TitleGenreMoodEraKeyTempo (BPM)InstrumentPace
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Apples to Apples (No SFX)
the Birds Companion
Indie RockHappyModernA80-100 bpmGuitarThumb 8340dca6 1b6a 4689 b4a1 583caea39fde
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Apples to Apples (SFX mix)
the Birds Companion
Indie RockHappyModernA80-100 bpmGuitarThumb 8340dca6 1b6a 4689 b4a1 583caea39fde
6e02ebc0 2da9 4a0b a710 83bc46226362
the Birds Companion
AcousticHappyModernDOver 140 bpmGuitarThumb 8340dca6 1b6a 4689 b4a1 583caea39fde
907dce92 830f 43c6 8b2f 9ddb8484c42f
The Fire
the Birds Companion
Post-RockThoughtfulModernE100-120 bpmPianoThumb 9277557d 9912 4df6 89a6 7406bee3bd4d
0b034c5a 066e 418c b5b5 2aba1bb34ced
The Long Run
the Birds Companion
Indie RockHappyModernB120-140 bpmGuitarThumb 8340dca6 1b6a 4689 b4a1 583caea39fde

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