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LABEL |Second Season Music Group
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India Aire

Malynda Hale

Los Angeles-based singer songwriter, actress, entrepreneur and activist Malynda Hale embodies what it means to take hold of one’s dreams. Fearless and unrelenting, her professional pursuits continue to cement her place in the entertainment industry as a creative powerhouse and multi-talented performer. Classically trained in both vocal performance and musical theatre, Hale has proven her creative versatility over time, securing her place in the Recording Academy as well as The Actors Equity Association. Her music has garnered praise from, Rant Hollywood, Dutch Guy, Blog Critics, Lady Indie, Urban Flux Magazine, The Birmingham Times, and Music Connection Magazine, along with streaming spots on prominent platforms including Pandora, Spotify, iLocal Radio, and BWD Radio. Hale has also received the ASCAP PLUS Award for Independent Artists, City of Chicago’s Independent Artist Grant, and the Top Singer/Songwriter Award in the First Annual Independent Artist Network Music Arts Awards.

In addition to her impressive music resume, Hale has worked on several major and independent film projects, including The 4th Meeting, for which she won Best Actress in Film at the City of Chicago’s African American Arts Alliance Black Excellence Awards. She also appeared alongside Brant Daugherty (Pretty Little Liars, Army Wives, DWTS) in CradeMade Entertainment’s Oranges, Madame X alongside Willa Ford and co-starred on TLC’s Sex Sent Me to the ER as Nurse Lisa. Hale’s television credits extend to national commercials as well with notable appearances in ads for Petsmart, Heineken, and Noted by American Express, and she recently joined the ranks of CoverGirl in Procter and Gamble’s “My Black is Beautiful” campaign.

A proud vegan and social justice advocate, Hale is a spokesperson for vegan makeup company Valana Minerals and is the founder of The meTOO! Campaign, which promotes equality for marginalized couples. Currently, Hale c-hosts The Vampire Diaries After Show on The Stream.tv and serves as the main host for The Walking Dead After Show. She is also the voice of MogaMind, an innovative meditation company that promotes love, gratitude, and visualization.

Hale returned to the studio earlier this year to begin work on her fourth studio album titled Pieces of Me, which released this fall under Second Season Music Group. The project is a comprehensive representation of Malynda’s talents and artistic pursuits, while still connecting to the common human experience she shares with her fans. As Hale continues to navigate the challenges and turns of the entertainment industry, she remains equally committed to her passion and her supporters, realizing that one cannot succeed without the other. Her message of love, acceptance, and faithful dedication continues to inspire those around her, which makes Hale someone that simply cannot be ignored.

TitleGenreMoodEraKeyTempo (BPM)InstrumentPace
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Better Than Nothing
Malynda Hale
SoulInspirationalModernE100-120 bpmGuitarThumb 9277557d 9912 4df6 89a6 7406bee3bd4d
Fcec7182 ad84 4bb0 bf6c eb3eb7ed354d
Blue Eyes
Malynda Hale
PopHappyModernD# / Eb60-80 bpmPianoThumb 8340dca6 1b6a 4689 b4a1 583caea39fde
3fc8e383 64e1 4be3 a5f2 ae05940d69dd
Crazy Inside
Malynda Hale
PopFunModernD80-100 bpmVoiceThumb 8340dca6 1b6a 4689 b4a1 583caea39fde
10c21dc2 2a48 4a86 aeab a47effa15b6f
Malynda Hale
PopEmotionalModernD100-120 bpmPianoThumb 9277557d 9912 4df6 89a6 7406bee3bd4d
D8e92997 1e65 42d9 bd83 65e817b82c19
Malynda Hale
OrchestralEmotionalModernD80-100 bpmPianoThumb 8340dca6 1b6a 4689 b4a1 583caea39fde
72e1412a c17e 4d13 ac6f b94b678fa7dd
Malynda Hale
PopDeterminedModernA100-120 bpmVoiceThumb 352ab3e7 336f 4db7 afd0 40e93dbfe96c
54215a72 215f 49ea a4d2 2b68c53cf517
Here I Am
Malynda Hale
PopIn LoveModernG80-100 bpmVoiceThumb 9277557d 9912 4df6 89a6 7406bee3bd4d
7c1b049e 288a 46db ac1c 9ee42649e2c1
Hey Stranger
Malynda Hale
AcousticRomanticModernE80-100 bpmGuitarThumb 8340dca6 1b6a 4689 b4a1 583caea39fde
Cf698eb7 57f6 489e a8bc 665e6a6fba81
See You There
Malynda Hale
PopHappyModernE100-120 bpmGuitarThumb 8340dca6 1b6a 4689 b4a1 583caea39fde
Acf13326 9d4b 4d7d 98c2 a18ac30e7e60
Waiting For You
Malynda Hale
PopHappyMotownD# / Eb120-140 bpmVoiceThumb 8340dca6 1b6a 4689 b4a1 583caea39fde

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