HOMETOWN | Vancouver, BC, CA
LABEL | Independent
INFLUENCES | Ivan Torrent
Joe Hisashi
Animal As Leaders

Michael H Lee

He can't remember when he had perfect pitch. It's not really knowing that the car horn is F major, nor it's knowing that your PC fan is a D. He believes that everything in life has music. From the footsteps down the stairs to the sound of tap water, music is everywhere.

Since five, he is classically trained pianist and as an artist, was nominated top three bands of 10 000 entries to sign with Avex Record label company. He currently works with mobile game company as a composer and sound engineer. His music has been used internationally.

A chameleon would describe his wide range of genre, but at heart he loves hybrid music such as epic trailers and chillstep. In his free time, he likes to go to coffee shop with his wife.

Title Genre Mood Era Key Tempo (BPM) Instrument Pace
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My First Bicycle
Michael H Lee
Acoustic Inspirational Modern D 100-120 bpm Piano Thumb 9277557d 9912 4df6 89a6 7406bee3bd4d

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