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John Montoya

The world of gaming isn’t a niche anymore; it’s a significant part of the entertainment industry, giving rise to its own artists in numerous creative categories. John Montoya has emerged as an artist uniquely suited to matching video games with music in a way that draws gamers deeper into stories— providing atmosphere and emotional energy that wouldn’t otherwise be there. As John puts it, “A video game's soundtrack can help make or break it. It can help tell a story and keep the player wondering what’s going to happen next.”

Since his breakthrough credit in Chronoblast—an Xbox Live Indie Game he composed music for as a high school freshman—John has worked on music for games on Android, iOS and PC, as well as other projects on YouTube and around the web.

In March of 2015 he became one of the few Senior Co-Producers for the custom-music sourcing site, Audiodraft, where he co-produced several television shows, video games, and advertisements for major companies around the world.

Grateful for the support and professional development he has received through the gaming community over the years, John does his best to do the same for other aspiring game developers. From January 2015 to January 2016, he led his local IGDA (International Game Developers Association) chapter and mentored students at Texas A&M University interested in careers in the video game industry.

In February of 2015 Pandora Radio added his music to their Genome Project. By bringing his music to Pandora, John hopes to make music aficionados worldwide, gamers and non-gamers alike, aware of the video game music scene. He hopes to see game soundtracks win the level of respect and admiration movie soundtracks have earned over time.

He wants his music to move people toward following their dreams no matter how difficult or impossible those dreams may seem. Among John’s own dreams is the hope that even people who aren’t gamers will find that his music takes them, as he puts it, “into a magical new world full of endless possibilities.”

TitleGenreMoodEraKeyTempo (BPM)InstrumentPace
0dcf7126 7e66 4d20 8e83 14e52c2b7647
Entering The Cosmos (fade out)
John Montoya
ElectronicCinematicFuturisticD# / Eb80-100 bpmSynthThumb 8340dca6 1b6a 4689 b4a1 583caea39fde
Df2e8f59 0231 4792 9651 98fbc47680cb
Entering The Cosmos (loop)
John Montoya
ElectronicCinematicFuturisticD# / Eb80-100 bpmSynthThumb 8340dca6 1b6a 4689 b4a1 583caea39fde
1d4fc098 0a85 4702 9cb4 9b07103a48c2
Intergalactic Space Travel
John Montoya
ElectronicCool80'sA# / Bb80-100 bpmSynthThumb 8340dca6 1b6a 4689 b4a1 583caea39fde
A85979c3 7b07 4b57 ab03 f01b0d23be90
Into The Stars
John Montoya
ExperimentalEmotionalFuturisticB80-100 bpmSynthThumb 352ab3e7 336f 4db7 afd0 40e93dbfe96c
B25b58f3 e6a9 4ac2 9d74 a2306e95e867
Jupiter (fade out)
John Montoya
ElectronicCinematicFuturisticE60-80 bpmSynthThumb 8340dca6 1b6a 4689 b4a1 583caea39fde
D9ea2663 3784 46b5 8c5b bfbdc37e3836
Jupiter (loopable)
John Montoya
AmbientCinematicFuturisticE60-80 bpmSynthThumb 8340dca6 1b6a 4689 b4a1 583caea39fde
C0ce12f4 cc28 440a 9ef0 badb557024cf
John Montoya
ElectronicFun80'sE80-100 bpmSynthThumb 8340dca6 1b6a 4689 b4a1 583caea39fde
F5b05712 c8ce 4e75 a535 c972cb802d20
The Divided States of America
John Montoya
ElectronicRebellious80'sF# / Gb80-100 bpmSynthThumb b12f2caa bc0b 4c2c 8eab 481cca3bbbf8
2a0f2c3a e18e 463b a37e 4757301c47a0
John Montoya
ElectronicCreepyFuturisticD80-100 bpmSynthThumb 8340dca6 1b6a 4689 b4a1 583caea39fde

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