Zudo is a Music Licensing Company for Film, TV, Advertising and Video Game industries. We specialize in providing sync licenses for music by our team of independent composers musicians. As one of the newest Music Licensing Companies around, Team Zudo means business!

Your Personal Music Licensing Company

You are a filmmaker, and every frame means the world to you.
Access our global network of independent composers and musicians.
At Zudo Music, every note means the world to us.

What Does Zudo Do?

Music Licensing Companies do a lot of important things behind the scenes. The most important of those things is placing great music in films, tv shows, advertisements, video games, advertisements and even corporate video productions. All media producers need a music licensing company like Zudo on their side. At Zudo Music, we’ve pre-cleared sync licensing deals with all of the independent artists in our music library. That means we take the hassle out of the licensed music process for you and your company.

"At Zudo Music, Every Note Means the World to Us."

Why Choose Zudo Music?

There are a lot of Music Licensing Companies out there, and many of the operate the same. What sets Zudo Music Licensing apart from the other companies is our custom library filtering software that makes it easier for you to find the right music to fit the mood of your scene. Search through thousands of songs quickly by genre, mood, instrument, pace, tempo and more! Once you find the perfect track, simply add the license that fits your project needs to your cart and download your song file immediately.

A License for Every Production!

Are you directing your first Independent Short Film? No problem! Our Affordable Indie Film Music License keeps you legally covered for Film Festival and Internet Screenings. Got a big studio budget? Sweet!! We can provide licensed music for Theatrical Release, Network Broadcast, Hard Copy Distribution, and Web Streaming and any other situation your production needs.

How Much is a Music License?

Simply put, Licensing Music can get really expensive. That’s why Zudo Music has created a sliding scale of fees depending on the scope and budget of your specific project. We are one of the only music licensing companies to provide so many different pricing tiers in an ecommerce style online music licensing library.

License Music Now!

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